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How & why online coaching is beneficial to Parents?


The popularity of online coaching is skyrocketing to reach the new horizons of education. Online coaching is rather anenhanced experience for students, teachers and for hundreds of parents who still look upon it with surprise! In fact, the reason behind the popularity of online coaching is the way Contents prepared and presented by vivid online coaching portals.

What may seem to be interesting and enThe advanced technology has curtailed the burden of Educating a Child to a greater extent. The traditional pattern of tracking of the progress of a child by visiting the school, consulting teacher, seeking the help of coaching classes and expert faculties for a particular subject, has almost been diminished. It is mainly because of the availability of the online coaching classes with the top subject-faculties on the screen of a computer, laptop or mobile device. Online coaching classes have brought a revolutionary change in the Teaching and Learning Pattern prevailing across the globe.

Let’s ponder on how and why online coaching has turned out to be more beneficial not only for the students but for the parents as well!

1.       No more longing for a specific subject teacher:

Online coaching has uprooted the problem of this issue being faced by every parent. In case of offline classroom coaching, one has to make a detail and long search for the best specific subject teacher to make the performance of their child better. You will have multiple options to choose a subject teacher for your child where you can evaluate – language, teaching pattern, accent, and above all approach of the subject teacher. This makes the learning journey of your child easier and comfortable.

2.       You child will be more focused:

In case of offline classroom coaching, there is a full-fledged possibility of the distraction. This can never be possible in case of online coaching as your child will be learning online from home and at peace. You just need to avail a simple desktop or a mobile device and a study room for your child. It not only enhances the learning capabilities of children but also let them focus more on the subjects they are studying.

3.       Ease of instant notifications relating to the progress:

This is one of the amazing features as well as the extra mile benefit of online coaching. You are at ease to track the progress of your child and that of every subject. This helps you decide where your child needs more attention or improvisation.Moreover, you can also assist your child to prepare the subjects he/she is weaker at. For this, you don’t need to be an expert teacher; you can have the help of the parents’ feature in the app and help your child to prepare the subject in an easier and faster way.

For example, with the help of the notifications, you can find out how long you child studied and which subject, what was the pace of his studying, how many questions he solved successfully, which questions or subjects he was good at etc.

4.       Highly economic:

The average coaching fees range between Rs. 500 toRs. 1000 per subject for standard 8 to 12 in India. Whereas in case of online coaching, you can avail the entire study course on the weekly, monthly or annual subscription. Moreover, online coaching is available at quite affordable prices. Just think of the scenario that your child is learning from the top math faculties at highly economical rates.

On the other hand, you don’t need to bear any extra expenses like transportation, books, or study materials. What you need are just a mobile device or a computer and an internet connection.

5.       Helpful to siblings also:

Once you create an account and pay the subscription for a particular course, the best benefit is that other children can also use the same accounts and access to the study courses available in the portal. This once again brings a noticeable cut in the additional expenditure you have to make for other children in your family.

6.       Ease of the latest important updates: 

Online coaching portals always keep you updated about everything happening in the education area. You will get immediate and frequent alert on:

·         Important news.

·         Changes in the courses.

·         Timings of exam & its updates.

·         Course completion time-tables.

·         Suggestions on your child’s preparation.

·         Subject-wise time-mapping and much more.


7.       Safe & easy learning at home:

The environment has a deeper impact on the grasping of a child. When your child learns at a place where loves to be at, it will help him/her study better and faster. There will be least chances of distraction. Besides, you don’t have to bother about the hazards of traffic that usually a child has to face while travelling from home to the school via bus or a cab.gaging on-screen of your laptop or mobile device might have eaten up long hours of brain-teasing hard work of various professionals like teaching fraternity, authours, animators, software developers, designers, video presenters, contents editors, and so on.