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Structuring Online Coaching Class- A challenging yet a blissful job


The popularity of online coaching is skyrocketing to reach the new horizons of education. Online coaching is rather anenhanced experience for students, teachers and for hundreds of parents who still look upon it with surprise! In fact, the reason behind the popularity of online coaching is the way Contents prepared and presented by vivid online coaching portals.

What may seem to be interesting and engaging on-screen of your laptop or mobile device might have eaten up long hours of brain-teasing hard work of various professionals like teaching fraternity, authours, animators, software developers, designers, video presenters, contents editors, and so on.

Here are some meaningful insights on how the contents for online coaching are structured.

1. Evaluation of the existing trends:

This key job involves indepth research on the trends prevailing in the market.

It may include :

- The portals, the technology used, the navigation system on the website, themes and designs used in the website, 

- Total number of users and subscribers

- Quality of the contents-videos, graphics, diagrams, video and audio presenters,

- Key result points, a team of the professionals and their expertise and preparedness,

- Course materials and 

- The promotional strategy.

This is very crucial to go into the depth of it as it will throw light on the path leading to the success or failure of an educational portal.

2. Identifying the needs of your audience:

It is not important what you think fit and right that you display and present on your educational portal but what an average student needs from a perfect educational portal. Hence, there should be a detailed analysis and surveys conducted to find out the exact needs of your audience. Once you dive deep into it, you will find many surprising factors that you might have skipped at the outset. 

For example, a student may have everything related to his/her study in the textbook but he may not have an idea how to attempt a question effectively and to the point. So when the contents, be it a video or a voice-over, has this formula at the end, it is likely to be much accepted.

3. Analysing the competitors:

Competitors should always be taken as a booster dose as it is the competitors that compel you to bring the best out of the box.

You may consider the following factors while analysing the competitors:

- Their marketing promotional strategy and promotional expenditure.

- Cost-effectiveness of the programs offered by them.

- Consistency, quality and precision maintained in their contents.

- Best-selling points of your competitors.

- Their market share and the time taken by them in capturing that market share.

- New subscriptions enrolled by your competitors per day/week/month.

The more you study in detail the behaviour and moves of your competitors, the more informed your next decision will be!

4. Decide the technology:

This is an equally important stage where you need to ponder in detail to make a futuristic educational web portal. The selection of the technological platform should be made on the basis of the requirements as well as the scope of the advancement in a particular technological platform. 

You may consider other factors like security, navigation, load-time, UI/UX, lightweight yet engaging designs, sliders, number of website pages, and other needed functionalities while determining the technological platform for an online coaching class portal.

5. Building a team of professionals:

This is the backbone of the entire dream venture of an online educational portal. The complete organizational structure should be formed and implemented with proper departmentalization. Each core team should be assigned with balanced work-flow.

Management Team: 

it takes care of the major and minor managerial decision ranging from the technology to deciding the whole functioning of the entire organization.

Teaching Fraternity: 

This team has to care of the complete study course material preparation considering the feedback, data, and the updates or changes introduced by the universities and education boards.

Contents Creators: 

This team can be said to be the lifeline of an education portal. These are the people who give life to the words. This team takes care of various types of contents like Videos, Info-graphics, scripts, voice-over, and above all the promotional contents for social media presence.

Technology Coordinators: 

Techies are the nerds that let the whole mechanism flow harmoniously using vivid software and technical tools.

6. Deciding the Value Addition in the contents:

The endresult of any online education coaching class much depends on the value addition that a student gets. This is an additional satisfaction what a student gets for the price he/she has paid for a study course. You need to identify the key result areas for value addition.

For example, it would be a bit difficult for a student of Grade X to remember a scientific term. So, you can give a brief etymological background of that term and then explaining the concept would be a kind of value addition. Because here, the student gets something more than he might expect from a traditional lecture at the offline class.