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Who agreed with the teacher? How does he/she respond?

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જવાબ : Pia agreed with the teacher. She likes the teacher's suggestion. Hearing teacher's suggestion she stands up and cheers.

Why don't the students like to discuss about the animals?

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જવાબ : The students do not like to discuss about domestic animals because they think that it is a boring topic and this is a subject for the kids.

What has the teacher informed the principal?

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જવાબ : The teacher informed the principal that Pia had a delightful monkey as a pet.

Why did the principal ask for Pia’s brother's mobile number?

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જવાબ : The principal asked for Pia’s brother’s mobile number to call her parents and to ask about the monkey.

What was the name of Pia’s monkey?

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જવાબ : Pia’s monkey’s name was Pepper.

What is the pet of Pia? What is its native land?

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જવાબ : Pia’s pet is a Capuchin female monkey. lts native land is South America.

What is Pia’s uncle?

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જવાબ : Pia’s uncle is an animal specialist.

Why does the teacher thank Rohan?

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જવાબ : The teacher thanks Rohan for providing information about his pet.

Describe the pets of Student 2.

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જવાબ : Student 2 has a pair of twin Persian cats. They are a very rare colour. Their names are Silver and Gold because they are very precious.

What do you think, has made Pia upset?

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જવાબ : Everybody in Pia’s class and the principal — all of them kept on asking Pia about her pet - a monkey. This made Pia upset.

How has Pia created a sensation in school, according to the principal?

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જવાબ : According to the principal, Pin’s talks about her pet — monkey created a sensation in school that day.

Who was standing behind the tree?

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જવાબ : The two strong policemen and the greatest detective were standing behind the tree.

What does it mean if a person pays the increased bill?

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જવાબ : Father Brown was not sure whether flambeau was thief or not.

How was flambeau’s reaction when the salt and sugar was changed?

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જવાબ : When the salt and sugar was changed, flambeau kept quiet.

Pia’s Pet — Pepper

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જવાબ : One day the teacher proposed to the student to discuss about domestic animals — especially about their pets and there was a lot of excitement in the class. Everybody started talking about his pet and then everybody turned to Pia to talk about her pet. Pia was hesitant but the force in the class made her talk about her pet. Her pet was a female monkey. It was a rare Capuchin monkey from South America. The monkey was given a fond name ‘Pepper’. Pia’s uncle was an animal specialist. He had bought the monkey in Chile and It was gifted to Pia and her family. Then every student in the class, their teacher and the principal insisted that Pia should bring the monkey to the class. But Pia was greatly disturbed and felt sick. She could not manage to bring the monkey to the class because her family had already shipped the monkey back to the South American jungle. The principal regretted that they had lost the chance of visiting such an amazing animal.

Do you sympathise with Pia? Why?

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જવાબ : Yes, I sympathise with Pia because she is in an embarrassing condition. In the classroom, the discussion about pets starts and everybody says something about his/her pet very excitedly, but when it is Pia’s turn, she is very much reluctant. Yes, she had a pet-a Capuchin monkey — named Pepper. Pia was greatly attached to her monkey emotionally which was however sent back to South America. When all the students insisted that Pia had to bring the monkey to the class, she was greatly embarrassed. Not only that but the principal called up her brother and talked to him about the monkey. Pia was greatly disturbed. Everybody in Pia’s house wanted that Pia should forget about the monkey, but she could not do that. On the contrary, Pia’s brother talked very rudely with Pia when there was reference of the monkey. Therefore. to me. Pia deserves sympathy.

Why is Pepper called Phantom?

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જવાબ : Phantom means ‘a spirit of a dead person which visits the living in the form of a person or animal’. Here, the she-monkey was gifted to Pia by her uncle from Chile. The she-monkey stayed as, a pet with Pia and her family for a short time. Pia got emotionally attached to her. Pia did not want to part with her, but for certain reasons, Pia’s elders sent the she-monkey back to the jungle of South America from where she was brought. A spirit usually makes its presence feel for time being and does not stay back for a long time. In the same way, the she-monkey - Pepper – stays with Pia and her family for a short time creating emotional bondage with them, and then she leaves, therefore the she-monkey is called Phantom.

Why did Pia correct Avik when he said, “So, Pepper’s gone to your head finally, hasn't he?”

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જવાબ : When Avik said, “So, Pepper’s gone to your head, finally, hasn't he?” Soon Pia nodded and corrected Avik that it was ‘she’ and not ‘he’. The monkey that their uncle had gifted them was a female monkey and not a male monkey. Pia was greatly obsessed with that pet female monkey.

Why did Avik want all of Pia’s chocolates for the next one month?

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જવાબ : Pia was greatly embarrassed when the students of her class demanded that she should bring her pet-the she monkey-to the class. Pia knew the fact that she would not be able to do it as they had already sent the monkey back to the South American jungles. Pia had no courage to tell the fact to the students, teacher and the principal. But when Avik came to the school on call. he revealed the fact and Pia was relieved. Therefore, in return, Avik was not satisfied with Pia's mere ‘thanks’ and he wanted to take all of Pia's chocolates for the next one month.

Why did Pia thank her brother?

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જવાબ : Pia had no courage to disclose the fact in the class and to the principal that they had sent back the female monkey to the South American jungles. Then her brother Avik was called and he declared the fact that the female monkey was no more with them, therefore Pia would not be able to bring it to the class. For this help of her brother, Pia thanked Avik.

Why, according to you, did Pia hesitate in telling about her pet?

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જવાબ : On the teacher’s proposal, students in the class started saying about their pets that they had. Pia too had a pet—a female Capuchin monkey -but not now. The monkey was sent back to the South American jungles and it was difficult for Pia to bear her absence. Pia was emotionally attached to that she-monkey, so when the students insisted on bringing her monkey to the class, Pia was greatly embarrassed and hesitated a lot telling about her pet which was sent back to South America.

If you are allowed a pet, which pet will you keep? Why?

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જવાબ : If I am allowed a pet, I would keep a cat. I like cats very much. They are very much friendly. Minimum care is to be taken to maintain them. A cat can sit beside us on sofa or sleep by our side on bed. Its hair is so soft that I would keep on moving my fingers along its back. It takes a very little food and it is delightful to watch it lapping milk. The cat is a no-nonsense-creating pet and I like it very much.

Should we keep pets? Why?

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જવાબ : I personally believe that we should not Keep pets. I perceive it as animal cruelty. However nicely we keep our pets, unintentionally we take away their freedom. We confine them to our house or at the most to our compound. Animals need great freedom to move about. They should not be strapped, belted, caged or chained. They lose their freedom of eating in our confinement. Not only that, we handle them according to our wish and compel them to do many a thing that otherwise they would not like to do. They are mute, so we can never know what they think or feel and we cannot cater to them as they wish. However, we may show kindness to them.

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