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What is the difference in hard skills and soft skills?

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જવાબ : Hard skills are acquired skills and soft Skills are life skills.

How do people feel when they take up the work which they don’t like?

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જવાબ : People feel exhausted and frustrated when they take up the work which they don’t like.

How are the people who enjoy their jobs?

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જવાબ : The people who enjoy their jobs are the most satisfied people.

If you want to make a lot of money what is important to you?

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જવાબ : If you want to make a lot of money you need higher qualifications and your options will be more limited.

What do you need if making a lot of money is important to you?

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જવાબ : If making a lot of money is important, we need higher qualifications.

What doesn't have to be the first consideration when selecting a career?

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જવાબ : When selecting a career, salary doesn't have to be the first consideration.

To make a lot of money means..........

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જવાબ : To make a lot of money means to earn a lot of money.

What programmes / shows did Pratik like displayed on the Discovery channel?

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જવાબ : The shows Pratik liked on Discovery channel were ‘How Things are Made, ‘Brain Games’ and ‘The Science of Stupid’.

Which scientist - was Pratik’s role model? Why?

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જવાબ : Thomas Alva Edison was Pratik’s role model because he invented a lot of small things to serve mankind.

What can be more important factor for career satisfaction than interests?

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જવાબ : Values can be more important factor for career satisfaction than interests.

What will you need if you value money and financial success?

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જવાબ : If you value money and financial success you will need a job that pays well.

If you give more important to money which type of career should you prefer?

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જવાબ : If you value money you should select the job which pays you well.

Why is our value an important matter to choose our career?

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જવાબ : Before selecting job we should think of our values. Values give us satisfaction. So value is an important factor for choosing career.

What are the benefits of being a student of A-B group of Science Stream?

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જવાબ : If a student goes for A-B group of science stream all the branches of engineering are available to him. He can also choose graduation and post-graduation in the basic sciences.

What does ‘The interest inventory’ say for Pratik’s interest?

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જવાબ : Pratik’s IQ test says that his IQ is 130.

What does Pratik’s IQ test say ?

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જવાબ : ‘The interest inventory’ says that Pratik is good in the field of research in science and technology.

Who is quite successful in Mechanical Engineering?

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જવાબ : Pratik’s brother is quite successful in Mechanical Engineering.

Why does Pratik work on computer?

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જવાબ : Pratik works on computers to search new thing and prepare a PPT.

What type of information does Pratik like to accumulate?

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જવાબ : Pratik likes to accumulate information about the fundamental theory of chemistry.

What type of co-curricular activities did Pratik participate during his school days?

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જવાબ : Pratik took part in the Science Fair and his project got the first prize at State Level Competition.

Why didn’t Pratik explain the project to visitors?

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જવાબ : Because he didn't like to talk with people much.

What did Miss Shah think about Pratik’s personality?

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જવાબ : She thought that Pratik was interested in the creativity of science.

What thought gave Pratik the feeling of being relieved and happy?

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જવાબ : Pratik felt relieved and happy by the thought that he would pursue a profession which incorporated his hobbies, values, passion, abilities and view of life.

What were the three most important questions asked by Ms Shah?

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જવાબ :

  • What have you to say for the profession of a scientist?
  • What kind of lifestyle do you prefer?
  • Would you also like to serve mankind with the help of science?

What are the main traits of Pratik’s personality?

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જવાબ : Pratik is fond of reading. He likes to prepare projects. He likes to work on computers. He will be satisfied with his regular income. He does not want to be a millionaire. He likes simple living. He wants to contribute his talent for the progress of the nation.

Had you been in place of Pratik what career option you have chosen?

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જવાબ : Had I been in place of Pratik, I would have chosen to be a Computer Engineer as the scope of jobs in this field are more in India and abroad.

What three questions are the most important questions, according to you? Give reasons.

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જવાબ : According to me, the most important questions are as following:

  • What are my interests?
  • What are my salary needs?
  • Are there opportunities for advancement?
                Firstly, it is very important to follow my own interests or I would lose interest in my job and my life would be monotonous.                 Secondly, I would definitely consider what I am getting as salary or remuneration for the efforts I put in. If not rewarded satisfactorily, or if I cannot make up with my requirements in life with my salary, I would never be happy.                 Thirdly, I would not be happy to stick to one job, or it would be mere drudgery for me. I would definitely like to look forward to better opportunities to grow with.

Why is it so important to choose the most appropriate career?

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જવાબ : It is so important to choose the most appropriate career because the jobs we select have far-reaching consequences in our lives. It has also an impact on everything from our lifestyle to family interactions to health. Career is an important part of our identity.

Who amongst your family has chosen the most suitable carer for him/her? Why do you think so?

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જવાબ : My uncle has chosen the most suitable career for him. He is not even a graduate. He did not want to stay back in a village and spoil his career, so he went to a city and took up a job in a factory where clothes were being dyed. In the course of time, he learnt how to prepare colour-mixtures for dyeing clothes with such great interest and developed confidence in him that he can handle the dyeing department of his factory. For this skill of his, he was promoted as dyeing master and today he is drawing a salary of Rs 1,75,000 per month. What considers is sincere pursuit to make a career, according to me.

Mention the three major kinds of values discussed in the lesson.

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જવાબ : The three values discussed in this lesson are :

  1. Do I prefer money earned after hard work or easy money’?
  2. Do I prefer working independently to working in collaboration?
  3. Do I prefer supervising others to taking directions from others?

What is a skill? How are hard skills different from the soft skills?

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જવાબ : Skills are identifying things that we are good at. Hard skills are acquired skills. The skills that we acquire by learning or training are hard skills. While soft skills are life skills that we get from life-experiences and practicality.

How do money and time affect your choice of career?

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જવાબ : A working professional or a corporate employee may have less freedom of time, whereas the independent businessman may exercise more freedom regarding time restrictions. In the same way which job will fetch you more money and more peace of mind, matters a lot. Thus, both of these factors are very important to choose your career.

How does one’s career determine one’s future?

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જવાબ : Suppose you have got a lot of potential, but you have chosen a career where the chances of development or advancement are very few. In this case, you will have to keep yourself deprived of many things that you want to have in your life. On the other hand, if you choose a very bright career or a career with scope of advancement, you will be able to fulfil all your future dreams.

Importance of Interests and Values in choosing a career

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જવાબ : Interests means the people, information, activities or things we enjoy most. What books we read, what events we do, how we spend our time, all depend on our interests. The people, who take up work which they don’t like, feel exhausted and frustrated at the end of the day. So interests are important to choose our work or career. The most satisfied people are those who enjoy their jobs. Our values are also important in choosing a career Values are more important for career satisfaction than interests. For example, it we value money and financial success, we need a job that play well. If we value social justice, we need to take a job in the fair field. Thus our values and interests play very important role in deciding our career.

How to Choose a Career?

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જવાબ : Career has an impact on everything — from our lifestyle to family interactions to health. It is an important part of our identity, therefore, with some reflection and information, we can get clarity about the best career choice for us. First of all, we should find out which activities or thins we like most. Our liking to work with people. Numbers and data, abstract ideas, etc. will help to choose our career. Secondly, values can be more important factor for career satisfaction than interests Prioritizing values like money and financial success or social justice or fun and spontaneity will help a lot to decide your career. Our personality traits. Skills, time management, education and training etc. are other important factors of decide our career. We should also consider whether the jobs are available in our desired regions, the salary we are going to get and the opportunities for advancement before taking up a career.

How Pratik Gets Guidance for his Career

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જવાબ : Pratik approached Apex Counselling Centre for his career guidance. First of all his I.Q. and career Inventory tests were taken. After a week, he was called for personal counselling. The counsellor. Miss Pooja Shah asked Pratik various questions to derive proper option of his career choice. Then post-counselling session was held to give Pratik the final verdict for his career-choice. Having studied all the aspects of Pratik’s potentials — his personality, aptitude, ability; etc. and above all, his results of ‘The Interest Inventory’ and ‘The I.Q. Test’. Miss Pooja Shah arrived to the conclusion that he can be a Forensic Scientist. Pratiks passion for reading detective novels, solving mysteries and his value of truth and justice along with other features led her to come to this conclusion. Pratik and his parents thanked her for doing this great job.

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