GSEB Solutions for ધોરણ ૧૦ Gujarati

GSEB std 10 science solution for Gujarati check Subject Chapters Wise::

Make negative: We are watching T.V. now.

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જવાબ : We are not watching T.V. now.

Make negative: They are playing cricket.

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જવાબ : They are not playing cricket.

Make negative: He is doing his homework.

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જવાબ : He is not doing his homework.

Make negative: I am speaking English.

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જવાબ : I am not speaking English.

Make interrogative: Hanuman is flaying in the sky.

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જવાબ : Is Hanuman flaying in the sky?

Make interrogative: My mother is cooking food.

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જવાબ : Is my mother cooking food?

Make interrogative: People are waiting for KGF 3.

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જવાબ : Are people waiting for KGF 3?

Make interrogative: I am looking at you.

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જવાબ : Am I looking at you?

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