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Draft an e-mail on behalf of Riya Patel to her friend Ruhi, on, informing her about the speech that she delivered in her school elocution competition on ‘Noise Pollution’.

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જવાબ : To: Subject: My speech Dear Ruhi,             An elocution competition was held in my school last week. The topic was ‘Noise Pollution’, I got the first Prize for my speech.             In my speech I spoke about the difference between sound and noise. When the sound is too loud and disturbing, it is noise. It is annoying and harmful. I also informed them about now sound is measured in decibels.             I then told my audience that noise causes illness and deafness. Person may suffer from high blood pressure, annoyance, anxiety, indigestion and heart disease.             At the end of my speech I talked about how we can control noise pollution. Do write to me about your activities. Your loving friend, Riya Patel

Draft an e-mail on behalf of Naresh Pandya to his friend Vishal, in Delhi, giving him information about his successful participation in the science fair the national level.

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જવાબ : To: Subject: Science Fair Dear Vishal,             Last week, my school participated in the National Science Fair. My group had participated in ‘Force and Motion’. Ours was a very interesting experiment.             Our experiment was based on the principle of force and motion. We took a piece of thick paper and cut into a fish shape. We cut a small hole in the center and placed the paper. Fish into the bowl filled with water. We then put a drop of dishwashing liquid into the hole.             All the visitors wondered how the paper fish floated so softly. We explained how the liquid spreads at the rear part. It disturbs the surface tension there and pushes the fish forward, because the surface tension in the front is not disturbed. This is based on the principle of force and motion.             We got the ‘Best Project’ award. Your lovingly, Naresh

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