GSEB Solutions for ધોરણ ૧૦ Gujarati

GSEB std 10 science solution for Gujarati check Subject Chapters Wise::

Nirali is as dull as Rita.

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જવાબ : Rita is not duller than Nirali.

He knows these wicked boys as well as you do.

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જવાબ : You do not know these wicked boys as well as He does.

Heena is not taller than Yatri.

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જવાબ : Yatri is as tall as Heena.

My cat runs faster than your cat.

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જવાબ : Your cat does not run so fast as my cat.

You are stronger than Viren.

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જવાબ : Viren is not so strong as you.

Lead is the heaviest of all metal.

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જવાબ : Lead is heavier than any other metal. Or Lead is heavier than all other metal.

Ahmadabad is the biggest city in Gujarat.

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જવાબ : Ahmadabad is bigger than any other city in Gujarat. Or Ahmadabad is bigger than most other cities in Gujarat.

Mitu is the most beautiful girl in the class.

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જવાબ : No other girl in the class is so beautiful as Mitu.

The cat is not the biggest of all animals.

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જવાબ : The cat is not bigger than some other animals.

Visnagar is better than all other towns in Mahesana.

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જવાબ : Visnagar is the best town in Mahesana. Or No other town in Mahesana is so good as Visnagar. Or Very few towns in Mahesana is as good as Visnagar.

Arijit Singh is not the greatest of all Singer.

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જવાબ : Arijit Singh is not greater than any other Singer. Or Very few Singers are as great as Arijit Singh.

This is the most beautiful diamond that I have ever seen.

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જવાબ : This is more beautiful than any other diamond that I have ever seen. Or I have never seen so beautiful a diamond as this.

KGF is the best film that I have ever seen.

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જવાબ : KGF is better than any other film that I have ever seen. Or I have never seen so good a film as KGF.

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