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My Favourite Teacher

Points: Your favourite teacher - his subject - his appearance - his qualities - his method of teaching - patient and helpful to students - believes in discipline and hard work - friend, philosopher and guide.

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જવાબ : My favourite teacher is Mr. Dave. Mr. Dave teaches us English. Mr. Dave is about thirty - five years old. He is not a very tall man but he looks very smart. He is always well - dressed. He is always smiling and cheerful. He talks sweetly to all. Mr. Dave has a very good method of teaching. He makes English easy and interesting. He gives personal attention to every student. He does not get angry if a student asks him questions during the lesson. Mr. Dave wants us to master the English language. Sometimes he tells us stories and jokes but at the same time, Mr. Dave is a strict teacher. He believes in discipline and hard work. He does not excuse any student who neglects his studies and homework. Mr. Dave is our friend, philosopher and guide. He is loved and respected by all.

My Favourite Scientist

Points: name - his work - his achievements - his life - awards - death

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જવાબ : Dr. Vikram Sarabhai is my favourite scientist. He was born on August 12, 1919. He belonged to a family of industrialists. Mathematics and Physics were his favourite subjects. He did research on cosmic rays under the guidance of Prof. C. V. Raman at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He then went to England and got a Ph.D. degree from the Cambridge University. Vikram Sarabhai was a visionary. He established the Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) in Ahmedabad, Gulmarg, Kodaikanal and Trivandrum. He also established Atira IIM, community science centre and space application centre (SAC). He set up a rocket lunching centre at Thumba, and later a rocket lunching range at Sriharikota. Vikram Sarabhai was given Dr. Shantiswarup Bhatnagar Memorial Award for his contribution to space technology. In 1966, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan and after his death in 1971 he was awarded the Padma Vibhushan.

A visit to A Bus - Station

Points: a scene at the bus - station - passengers - luggage - noise, crowd - quarrels - hawkers - beggars - waiting room - stalls

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જવાબ : Last week, I went to visit my uncle living in Vadodara. I decided to travel by bus. The bus was scheduled to leave at 9. AM. I reached the bus - station at 8:45 AM. But I came to know that the bus would leave only after an hour. I set down on a bench and looked around. The bus - station was crowned with people, some people were sitting on benches or on their luggage. Some were talking, reading, sleeping or smoking. There were long queues at the ticket windows and inquiry counters. There were many hawkers selling eatables and toys. The beggars were pestering people for alms. There were shoeshine boys, too. The waiting room was full of passages. There were a few people at the snacks - stall and the bookstall. When the bus arrived, there was a mad rush to get into the bus. I managed to get in with a lot of difficulty. What an hour at the bus - stop!

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